1 When you change the date and it recognises the new PAYE period it will tell you the date is after the current PAYE period and ask:

2 “Update PAYE period now” – yes – ok

3 Next – print – ok (this prints the employer monthly schedule report)

4 Click on Back button

5 Put dot in IRD Approved Format circle

6 Put “tick” in Create CSV

7 Next – print – ok – ok – close (this prints the EMS IR348 report)

8 Print – ok – close – ok (this prints the PAYE Remittance IR345/346 report) – You may have to fill in the Direct Credit information if you use Business Banking and bulkload payments to your banking.

9 If any sick leave or annual leave notices pop up just let them do their thing and print off the reports and update as they need to.

10 Go to reports – Print Pay Audit Trial – close

11 You can now close payroll down


1 Login to the IRD Website

2 Click on File an employer schedule on left hand side of screen.

3 Click on file transfer – browse – IR-File (this is where you have saved the info coming from payroll for IRD.)

4 Select file (look for END of month date file eg 20110430) – Double click – click on the one with .EMS – open – import files

5 Click on workspace – here view the EMS schedule to make sure it is the right one you are trying to file once you are happy put a tick in the box for the EMS and click (down bottom screen) to send to IRD. This will then prompt you to fill in the IR345 on the screen (should be filled in for you) once you are happy click send. You can then go back to Workspace and print the receipt.

6 Then do file transfer for .KES/.KED schedule – select file from same .EMS location – open – import & send (this is the only option for Kiwi saver schedule)

7 Log out


Online at the bank choose payments – tax DED payments – enter in your IRD number, put in $$$ amount to pay the IRD & the date you want the payment to go through – click on continue and select the period end eg 30th April 2011 – continue – view what you have done then confirm – and print (I always print so I have proof that I paid the IRD on whatever date incase something ever goes wrong with the bank)

If you would like a PDF version please click here